Jan 10

Tips for saving energy for efficient cooking

If you are looking for the cooking tips online to save your effort and time than to solve your problem we have listed here few energy saving tips which you can apply while cooking. When we talk about the energy saving or the energy efficient devices than first thought came into our mind is the appliances. If you have a joint family, and all your family members are food lovers then you will definitely cook various varieties of the food items and dishes including lasagna, roast turkey, steaks, sautéing veggies and may other grilling items. In order to save your time and effort, we have listed here the tips to save energy as well as time and money.



Talking about the type of the cookwares the flat bottom cookware comes frequently in contact with the heating elements which heats up your pan frequently whereas the warped bottom pan takes double time to boil water and to cook any food item than the flat-bottomed cookware.

If you use the copper-bottomed pans then the copper bottomed pan heats up faster than the regular and simple pans and consumes lesser energy as well as less time. Talking about the oven cookwares, the glass, and ceramic cookware’s will let you cook your meal quickly as compared with the simple cookwares. So different cookwares have different functionality and features and they consume the different time and energy based on the type of the cookware. Check online the gas ranges reviews which help you selecting the best one.


When you are searching for the tips to save energy then first thing came into your mind is appliances. Before purchasing any of the appliances, check the energy star or the seal of the appliance which will signify that this appliance is the most energy saving appliance. In the convection ovens, the heated air circulates inside the oven which helps you cook food quickly as it reduces the cooking time and maintains the temperature inside the oven, whereas the self-cleaning ovens are the energy efficient ovens which consume less energy as the machine starts out the hot temperature. Talking about the slow cookers, the slow cookers also uses the lesser amount of energy than the cooktops while cooking soups and boil veggies.

Size of the pan

When you are cooking any of the dishes on the stove top, then the size of the pan also matters. If your pan size is large then it will consume more energy, not only the size of the pan matters but the size of the burners will also draw a major impact on saving the time and energy.

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