Jan 10

Facebook marketing tips for your salon to engage your customers!

Talking about the social media, the first medium which came into our mind is the Facebook. This is the source which lets you share your photos and services and helps you keep engage your customers with this communication tool. You can use the Facebook to marketise your offerings and services where you can posts and upload the pictures of your nail art and haircut. You can also start the contest in order to promote your brand name. Here we have listed few points and ways which help you marketise your offerings and services which your salon provides.


Engage your customers by writing posts

Facebook is the strongest social medium to keep engages your customers with your offerings so create a Facebook fan page first and write the relevant posts and articles in it to get the response of the customers. These will not only help you promoting your brand name, but it will also help you know what the trend is and what are your customers’ requirements? But before posting any of the post and articles makes sure that the starting of the conversation must be relevant, personalized and enjoyable which keeps your customer engaged and ends up with the health discussion.

Posts pictures and videos

Facebook is the only visual medium which is used by billions of people. In order to marketise your offerings and services, you can post pictures and images of services which your salon provides including manicures, hairstyles, and other pictures which will show your customers what you do at your salon. As pictures are the source which keeps you engage the customers with the text writing. Pictures and posts help you bring new referrals at your doors which come due to sharing the photos and pictures by your current customers.

Exclusive deals and discounts

Tell your current customers and first door customers to like your page so that they came to know about the offerings that they provide. Whenever any of your customers like your fan page then they will see the discounts which you are providing. You can offer discounts on first visit or the next visit using the Facebook medium. You can also post the offers by stating that the customer who will follow your fan page; he or she will get such type of offerings and the exclusive deal. Apart from this, you can also start the contest where your customers and their friends comment and give their own suggestion and win exciting salon products including pedicure tables, salon shampoo bowl, hair betterment creams, facial creams or even few free spa services which will definitely help you grab users attention and will increase user engagement.

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